Heritage Foundation Spins Off New Advocacy Group

The Heritage Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit research group, will create a new 501(c)(4) advocacy organization to be called Heritage Action for America. It will promote legislation and pressure Congress, drawing on the foundation’s research and mobilizing support from Heritage’s 600,000 donor members. Heritage Action will not endorse candidates. Heritage Action will be led by Michael Needham, a former chief of staff to Heritage president Ed Feulner and former adviser to Sen. Jim DeMint.

The Heritage Foundation says it has a staff of 255 and an expense budget of $75 million. The Washington Post reports that Heritage Action for America will employ 8-12 staff in offices separate from the Foundation and will have an initial $1 million budget.

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  1. This comment has nothing to do with the blog. I don’t know if ANYONE will ever read it. I just wanted to say that if we are able to EJECT MOST incumbants, and we still have this kind of globalistic financial raping of people, here in the United States, the NEXT step is outlined in the CONSTITUTION.

    Look to Iceland and what they’ve done. They are now arresting bankers. The word “counterfeit” is used. Creating or passing WORTHLESS CURRENCY or paper that passes for currency (same thing) is a crime, and when it leads to the collapse of entire countries, jail time, and LOTS OF IT should be the mildest sentence they get.

    IF our gov’t continues to allow this robbery, it needs to be DISSOLVED and RECONSTITUTED…..completely. And I mean DISSOLVED!

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