ACORN Eligible For $4 Billion In Federal Taxpayer Money in Obama FY2011 Budget

Yes, you read that right.
Even with all its troubles, the ACORN organized crime syndicate is eligible for $4 billion (well, really $3.99 billion in CDBG slush funds) in President Obama’s fiscal 2011 budget.
That’s because a federal court order issued by a Clinton-appointed judge prevents Congress and the Obama administration from cutting off ACORN.
Will the temporary injunction issued by U.S. District Court Nina Gershon be lifted?
Who knows.
Will ACORN boss Bertha Lewis, who is currently doing a victory lap across America’s TV screens as she celebrates the legal troubles of hidden camera videographer James O’Keefe, ever be investigated for her role in the cover-up of a nearly million dollar embezzlement within ACORN?
Who knows.
Read my article at the American Spectator.

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  1. This Bo needs to be impeached. I for one am sick of this bumch of nuts. Congress needs to do more about this also. NOW

  2. The Left is almost single-minded in its obsession with economic matters. Economics touches everything, and so it becomes a quick and easy way for proponents of collectivism and socialism to control more and more of the society.

    Regardless your political affiliation, all Americans should be adverse to such totalitarian notions. This is easily the best column I’ve found explaining what it is a sane, liberty-loving American needs to know about Economics:

  3. This is Bullshit ! Giving these crooks
    3.99 Billion of our tax Dollars is High
    Way Robbery !
    Acorn was a party to the collapse of the Financial market with thier phony
    Mortage scam they ran. They help cause
    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to go under.
    Along with thier buddies Senator Dodd
    and Congressman Barney Frank. I think they need to put in Jail or under it!!!

  4. progressive comes in all shapes and sizes, democrat, republican and independant. all taxpaying americans need to take account and remember for future elections to come right out in public and ask, who are you? and what have you done for your country lately.
    progressives tax and spend without asking or caring who the money belongs to. they want “big” government.

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