ACORN’s Bertha Lewis Does Esquire

Esquire writer John H. Richardson is a smart man and a good writer but he clearly doesn’t know much about the organized crime syndicate ACORN.

His interview with Bertha Lewis, chief organizer of ACORN, reads like Scott Levenson‘s talking points. No discussion of ACORN’s million-dollar embezzlement, money laundering, abuse of government funding, or the role the group played in causing the subprime mortgage crisis.

Shame on him. 

And so Mr. Richardson earns a spot on the list of ACORN’s useful idiots (supplement to list here) alongside Joe Conason, Whoopi Goldberg, Ezra Klein, Michael Tomasky, Adam Serwer, Glenn Greenwald, Amanda Terkel, David Neiwert, Jamison Foser, Eric Burns, Jay Bookman, John Cole, and Charles Cooper.

This list is hardly exhaustive, by the way.

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