Schwarzenegger Doubles Down On Stupid

Proving once again the wisdom of the Twenty-Second Amendment, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to promote the demonstrable fraud that is manmade global warming.

The Governator unveiled a map that shows what San Francisco would look like if the climate change fabulists’ dreams were to come true.

A true global warming believer –or would dead-ender be more accurate?– he doesn’t seem to care about Climategate.

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  1. “… the demonstrable fraud that is manmade global warming”
    If it is demonstrable, who has demonstrated it? We’re just now coming through a winter that is almost a textbook explanation of what to expect from global climate change, right down to spring pollen counts the likes of which we have seldom, if ever, seen. It is happening. Since we don’t have the political will to stop it in time I sure hope we have the will to alleviate its worst effects.

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