Is This Why Progressives Hate Wealth So Much?

Rep. Pete DeFazio (D-Ore.) hates wealthy people.

From a report in The Hill:

He gives partial credit for his special brand of liberalism to having worked at a country club as a teenager. Each summer, his father ran a camp for troubled inner-city kids on Cape Cod, where they caddied for golfers at a country club. DeFazio would work alongside the kids.

“They were servants for the rich, as was I,” he said. “I shagged golf balls for rich people. I carried golf clubs for rich people, and I learned very early on, when I was pretty young, that this was a group of people that had nothing special to offer to me or to society.”

With DeFazio, it’s personal. It’s pure Marxist, class consciousness-based hatred.

Does this mean his values and personality are so malleable that if he’d a different job growing up he’d be a free market-loving libertarian?

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