Federal Judge Orders Congress To Fund ACORN. Huh?

U.S. District Judge Nina Gershon, a Bill Clinton appointee, issued a temporary injunction prohibiting Congress from cutting off funding for ACORN.

This injunction is premature, unconstitutional, and an affront to the separation of powers. It appears to rely on a novel, insidious legal doctrine known as legislative due process. In other words, groups have rights in the appropriations process. Congress no longer has the power of the purse regardless of what the Constitution says.

Only in the through-the-looking-glass world of a leftist activist judge could the organized crime syndicate ACORN be deemed a victim because Congress decided to stop funding it. Only in such a world could a cutoff of such funding be deemed a punishment prohibited under the Constitution’s ban on bills of attainder.

If cutting off funds is a punishment, ACORN therefore must have a right to funding. This is patently absurd.

(hat tip: Kyle Olson at BigGovernment.com)

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  1. Then I suppose this novel legal principle should be applied to any and all government programs and federal contractors who may have had their funding interrupted for violating some aspect of their contractual relationship with the feds? After all, I’m sure that the good judge Gershon has heard of the Equal Protection clause?

  2. This judge most definitely should be removed. We must have our judges and all political figures which hold office
    in any compacity be reeducated on our constitutional laws. When did our government start losing sight of what our country was founded on and the principles by which they are to uphold.
    It is time we need to clean house of many officals which do not hold this same beliefs. Our country has got to get back to basics with honor and dignity not to mention respect for the office they hold. We vote our representatives and judges in office that they have the intelligence to make decisions for the betterment of the people and the country. This does not include playing favoritism to certain groups and organizations.

  3. This judge should be removed from office A.S.A.P. Who does she think she is, God? Doesn’t she know Obama already holds that title?

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