ACORN Scandal Bigger Than Watergate

So said Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) when I interviewed him recently.

The interview appeared in the American Spectator.

Here’s the top of the article:

ACORN critic Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) is mystified that both the Democratic-controlled Congress and the Obama administration aren’t doing much about the tax-subsidized organized crime syndicate ACORN even as evidence of its wrongdoing continues to pile up.

In an exclusive interview, the House Judiciary Committee member describes the ACORN saga as “the largest corruption crisis in the history of America.”

“It’s thousands of times bigger than Watergate because Watergate was only a little break-in by a couple of guys,” said King. “By the time we pull ACORN out by its roots America’s going to understand just how big this is.”

Unlike the Nixon-era Watergate scandal, the ACORN scandal reaches not only to the highest levels of government, but also to states and localities across America. The president himself and his political advisor Patrick Gaspard used to work for ACORN and the radical advocacy group has allies throughout congressional leadership who are bending over backwards to protect it. President Obama has also hired as White House counsel Bob Bauer, whom King described as “the number one defender of ACORN in the country.”

ACORN has ties to unions such as SEIU and has business relationships with Wall Street. It has offices across the globe in places like Canada, Kenya, and India. Quite apart from the hidden camera videos that emerged in September showing ACORN employees providing advice on establishing a brothel and financing it with government grants, in the U.S. it stands accused of political corruption, election fraud, racketeering, money laundering, and countless other violations of the law. It is involved in major campaigns pushing for socialized medicine, green energy and cap-and-trade, enhanced welfare benefits, higher minimum wages, greater federal regulation of the financial services industry, and for a major expansion of the Community Reinvestment Act.

“The legislative branch will not investigate. [House Judiciary Committee chairman John] Conyers will not. [House Judiciary subcommittee chairman Jerrold] Nadler will not. It’s not going to come out of [House Ways & Means Committee chairman Charles] Rangel’s committee. It’s not going to come out of [House Financial Services Committee chairman] Barney Frank’s committee or from anybody in the Senate. They’re going to protect ACORN.”  […]

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  1. This is political graft and corruption at its very worst. We know so little of it because the news media is wrapped up in the scandal.

  2. What? The collective crooks of the international Democrat party won’t investigate ACORN?

    Maybe what they would turn up on the first day would sink the Messiah’s administration and 95% of the liberal Dems currently breathing.

    We got “Change.” Now let’s get some hack politicians.

  3. I will write my congress people about this today. I agree, it must not be laid behind a door never to be looked at again.We need to reapply the pressure. It took a good thing and made it into something rotting.

  4. This non-fiction report of Acorn’s deceitful operation by and with government leaders’ duplicitous support containing the full compliment of villany and treacherousness is as tyrannical a plot as ever devised by the best writers of fiction. Will we ever get to the chapter of this non-fiction masterpiece of deception and an ending where good overcomes evil, where law wins out over corruption? If so, I fear the process it will require to compose such a chapter.

  5. Our Government has been hijacked by corrupt politicians, lobbyists and unions. We need to have massive protests and a tax revolt to take our country back. Otherwise it’s gonna be Serfdom from here on in.

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