Louisiana Attorney General Raids ACORN Office

Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell’s investigators have raided ACORN’s headquarters in New Orleans.

A warrant was executed at ACORN’s office at 2609 Canal Street and not at 1024 Elysian Fields Avenue, a former funeral home that used to serve as the radical advocacy group’s headquarters.

The cash-strapped group has put the Elysian Fields Avenue office up for sale.

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  1. It’s about time. Both the House Judiciary Committee and Senate Judiciary Committee, and U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder for the U. S. Justice Department refuse to hold hearings and/or investigate ACOPRN obviously under President Obama’s directive.

    I have no doubt that the LA Attorney Generals investigation will ultimately lead to comspiracy to commit criminal activities by President Obama and Congressional Democrats.

  2. We all know Acorn is corrupt. I would like to know who is going to hold them accountable and if they do have consequences, whose going to make sure they are carried out? Someone is the administration? Highly unlikely.

  3. Just read the statement from Acorn’s internal investigator team, which includes Bertha Lewis, John Podesto (Center for American Progress) and Andrew Stern (SEIU). Obama administration lackeys investigating their own. Yeah, that should be fair outcome.

  4. I am thankful there is at least one legal entity in this country willing to investigate this corrupt organization. After being under investigation by the FBI for voter fraud in 14 states, with no resolution, and being complicit in the destruction of our economy by forcing inappropriate mortage loans upon banks, and encouraging funding for illegal activities, again with no resolution from the federal government, I say Thank you Louisiana for stepping up and excercising State soverenity. I hope Obama’s protective arm over Acorn cannot reach across your investigation.

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