Charles W. Brackett’s Drivel on ACORN

If you want to find an apparently¬†Republican-leaning writer who doesn’t have a clue about ACORN, look no further than Charles W. Brackett’s ahistorical drivel on the radical activist group.

I don’t disagree with everything Brackett writes in his piece, but this ridiculous assertion cannot go unchallenged: “But while Republicans and Democrats in Washington continue scoring political points over ACORN, the problems the organization was created to address still remain.”

ACORN was created in order to fulfill the Cloward-Piven Strategy of orchestrated crisis. It was not created to help people. It was created to get people on welfare and make people dependent on government. It was created to expand the size and scope of government. It was created to wage war on the capitalist system.

If Brackett meant to say Republicans should spend more time sweeping away the suffocating layers of government red tape that have made housing unaffordable he should just come out and say it.

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  1. Charles Brackett is not the only writer of standing who knows what is going on in ACORN but he is one of the few who will admit knowing about it.

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