U.S. Civil Rights Commission Demands Answers on ACORN

I’ve just received a letter from the U.S. Civil Rights Commission in which members demand that Attorney General Eric Holder launch an investigation of ACORN.

The money quote from the letter:

According to press accounts, a former ACORN board member –Marcel Reid– has asked the Department of Justice to investigate and root out ACORN corruption with a nationwide probe. We respectfully urge the Department of Justice to undertake a full-fledged, nationwide investigation of ACORN, including an assessment of whether ACORN’s conduct violates various applicable federal statutes, and to conduct its work with all deliberate speed. The integrity of our electoral system demands no less.

It is signed by commissioners Gerald A. Reynolds (chairman), Peter N. Kirsanow, Ashley L. Taylor Jr., Gail Heriot, and Todd F. Gaziano.

Here is the letter.

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  1. A valiant effort,and I wish you success, but I’m afraid Holder will do absolutely nothing. Washington is a sewer now and is a completely corrupt fascist government!!!

  2. One more thing…remember this? Holder did NOTHING about the Black Panthers intimidating people trying to attend the RNC.

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