Another Louisiana Subpoena for ACORN

The Pelican Institute has the story.

From the top of the article:

The Louisiana Attorney General’s Office has served another subpoena on a bank in its probe of ACORN, and a lead investigator said state fraud charges are still possible even though the embattled activist group has paid it far-past-due Louisiana payroll taxes.

“If you rob someone and then pay the money back at a later date, it doesn’t mean you didn’t rob them,” said investigator David Caldwell, who works in the office of his father, state Attorney General Buddy Caldwell. “We’re still looking at that.

“If there’s an innocent explanation, then there’s that. But we have an obligation to investigate under Louisiana law.”

David Caldwell said if the investigation points to violations of federal laws, he will forward the findings to the appropriate agency.

Though most of the state tax bill has been paid, the national ACORN organization and its related agencies still owe the federal government more than $1.5 million, a figure that got incrementally higher last week when the IRS placed yet another lien on the group’s holdings. […]

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  1. The first thing is they LIED from the beginning when they said they weren’t for any party they claim to be neutral and that right there tells me their crooked because they did nothing to help the Repub party or others just the Democrats and they gave them permission with our money to commit fraud on their behalf but then again they had the best teacher for years even their lawyer president Obama.

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