Leftists Using Tiller Murder to Advance Agenda

Leftists are using the murder of abortionist Dr. George Tiller to urge Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to reconsider the now-withdrawn politically motivated DHS report that labeled all conservatives, libertarians, and returning veterans as potential right-wing terrorists.

After being subjected to weeks of withering criticism from across the political spectrum, Napolitano quietly pulled the embarrassing report that seemed calculated to chill the speech of critics of the Obama administration’s agenda. (After the report was publicized Democratic lawmakers like Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin said it was unacceptable for DHS to label right-wing Americans as potential terrorists.) 

But the horrifying slaying of Dr. Tiller in his church on the weekend has sent affective activists into paroxysms of rage and the left wants the report reexamined.

Zachary Roth of TPM Muckraker writes:

But in the wake of the murder of Dr. George Tiller by an anti-abortion extremist — who had also been said by the FBI during the 1990s to have been a member of the radical Freemen group — the report is looking a little more reasonable.

Predictably, Roth concludes, “[p]erhaps that report is due for a reassessment.”

Hiding behind a pen name, “Kyle” of People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch, writes “it seems as if the report – far from being an offensive attack on Christians and anti-choice activists – was remarkably timely and accurate.”

Jason Linkins of the Huffington Post lies about how conservatives reacted to the release of the DHS report. Linkins writes he “found it a bit bizarre that many conservatives seemed to want to go out of their way to identify and equate themselves with domestic neo-Nazi organizations and violent religious fundamentalists.” Noting that “the word ‘conservative’ did not appear in the report,” he argues that it made no sense for conservatives “to stand up for and embrace a violent political fringe.”

In fact conservatives did no such thing and Linkins knows it. Conservatives protested this obvious attempt to shut down right-of-center criticism of the Obama agenda by lumping Ku Klux Klansmen and violent militias together with good government types and members of the Federalist Society.

The left’s reaction today is just part of its long-running effort to delegitimize and marginalize those views it doesn’t approve of.

The left is in this game to win it. Its leaders and activists will say whatever it takes to silence the right and advance the left’s agenda.

Expect the left’s howling to intensify in coming days.

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  1. “After being subjected to weeks of withering criticism from across the political spectrum”

    Really? “Across the political spectrum”? Nice rhetoric, but it’s not true. It’s those kinds of disingenuous statements that distorted the report to begin with. All the report said was that right-wing militia groups would find it in their interest to recruit servicemen and women coming out from active duty. Which is true. It would behoove them to have soldiers well-versed in military operations.

    It never said that soldiers were were right-wing terrorists. It never said that being Christian or pro-life or anti-gay marriage was a threat to national security. Ever.

    The fact is that there ARE right-wing militias who wish to bring down our government. I read their websites occasionally. They are a threat to the country. It’s a little stunning that you would willingly turn a blind eye to these groups while you scream and shout about left-wing groups like ACORN.

    I’d ask that you go look at sites like Army of God and http://www.resist.com and tell me if you consider them terrorist organizations. Those are the types of organizations the DHS report referred to. Roeder had links to Army of God.

    If you think they are terrorist organizations, should they be dismantled to protect the homeland?

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