ACORN Claims Democratic Officials Are Persecuting It


ACORN defendants Amy Busefink and Chris Edwards in a Las Vegas court earlier today. (Photo by Gary Thompson, Las Vegas Review-Journal)

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Sometimes news is stranger that fiction.

Lisa Rasmussen, who represents the extremely partisan ACORN, said that election fraud charges laid against the group in Nevada are motivated by politics, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports.

“The politically motivated charges, such as those brought by the attorney general and secretary of state, just highlight the voter registration system that is broken,” Rasmussen said in a Las Vegas courtroom.

Except that the charges (PDF) against two former ACORN executives and ACORN, which helps to register Democratic voters and get them to the polls, were unveiled by Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto and Secretary of State Ross Miller both of whom are Democrats. Allegheny County, Pa., District Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr., who filed seven charges against former ACORN workers for falsifying voter registration forms, also happens to be a Democrat.

Maybe ACORN will cry racism now. Oh wait, Amy Busefink and Chris Edwards, the former ACORN officials in Nevada also charged with voter registration fraud, are Caucasian according to the photo accompanying the Las Vegas Review-Journal news report.

The defendants, who appeared before a Las Vegas magistrate today, are expected to appear in court next on July 15.

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  1. Whether White, Black or Hispanic, ACORN members have learned well from their liberal mentors and funders and enablers — it’s never YOUR fault — after all, you’re a VICTIM.

    Straight from the liberal handbook: If you want to avoid responsibility or accountability, just claim you’re a victimor you’re doing whatever it is to help some “victim” class.

    I just think it’s ironic as hell that in the case of ACORN this time, they’re yelling foul over DEMOCRATS prosecuting them. Your typical liberal “victims” are usually only “victims” when CONSERVATIVES or REPUBLICANS are after you. Ha-ha-ha!

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