Ari Fleischer: Everyone Should Pay Income Taxes

Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer makes an excellent argument that if large chunks of the population are exempted from paying income tax, society suffers.

He wrote in the Wall Street Journal:

If you thought Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme was bad, wait until you hear about the inverted pyramid scheme the federal government is working on. While Mr. Madoff preyed on people who trusted him with their money, the federal government has everyone’s money, and the implications of its actions are worse.

Picture an upside-down pyramid with its narrow tip at the bottom and its base on top. The only way the pyramid can stand is by spinning fast enough or by having a wide enough tip so it won’t fall down. The federal version of this spinning top is the tax code; the government collects its money almost entirely from the people at the narrow tip and then gives it to the people at the wider side. So long as the pyramid spins, the system can work. If it slows down enough, it falls.

It’s also what’s called redistribution of income, and it is getting out of hand.

A very small number of taxpayers — the 10% of the country that makes more than $92,400 a year — pay 72.4% of the nation’s income taxes. They’re the tip of the triangle that’s supporting virtually everyone and everything. Their burden keeps getting heavier. […]

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  1. Can somebody logically explain to me how we support the day to day machinations of an out of control federal government by “paying taxes”?
    No money changes hands; the only thing that happens is a mark in a ledger, or in a computer file, and our consume-ability is lessened by that much as we make a similar minus mark in our own bankbook ledger.
    You cant pay your taxes with dollars–the irs wont accept them and you’ll be marked as delinquent and charged late fees.

    The US Constitution provides for two great classes of taxation–Direct and indirect. We are being enslaved by the indirect method now. The DIRECT method of taxation hasnt been used since the Northern War of Aggression in the 1860’s, and we know what happened to Lincoln….
    The DIRECT form provides for the monitoring of the government–it slows the governmental process down, so they cant decide overnite to dump a trillion dollars into their buddies’ laps over on wall street, or in corporate america.
    Rather they have to come to the States–WOW!, what a concept!!!–and get the states and the people to concur with their proposal, before they can get any money to finance their madness.

    But of course any government or nation who continues to accept the idea of a Federal Reserve Central Bank–a private, for-profit group of Mattoids–being in control of the people’s money supply, arent gonna move to a more logical form of taxation any time soon.

    But I still covet what you believe to be an “explanation” of just how this scam works.
    Lord John Maynard Keynes said if a nation adopts an unfunded paper (a national currency not backed by something of monetary value) they must of nec.ty also incorporate a progressive income tax, else the people will come to realize how worthless is their “money”–when it begins to pile up round their ears, and they’re paying a hundred inflated dollars for a loaf of bread. That’s the job of the income tax–remove lots of the worthless inflated dollars from the market place, and lower our ability to be patriotic consumers.
    The tax tyranny, coupled with the scam the Federal Reserve is running wherein the Rockefellers and other scam artists both foreign and domestic charge us 10% to 20% interest for letting we the people use our money, is ruining us;

    the resultant piling up of all the interest which we cant afford to pay off, on top of the principal, which grows every time the government needs more money, is what we lovingly refer to as “The National Debt”, but which is really our user fee for them allowing us to think we’re really “Americans”, when in fact we modern americanski’s wouldnt make a decent pimple on a REAL 1770’s American’s rear end.
    parle vouz?
    thanks for dialoguing!

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