Preservation Fetishists

Preservation fetishists are demanding that Wal-Mart not build a new supercenter on a site that is a full mile away from a Civil War battlefield in Virginia, AP reports. There’s no satisfying these anti-development NIMBYs.

The inconclusive battle fought in the vicinity was the Battle of the Wilderness.

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  1. Obviously, you have never lived near a Walmart Superstore. . .the traffic, noise, trash and conjestion are aweful and often the customers can be very ude and disorderly at times. Why Walmart always insists on placing stores where they are not wanted is beyond me.
    We are a young country by most standards; what history we have, especially Civil War history [as well as green space], should be preserved at all cost. Walmart has a long and well documented history of leaving communities after a few years of operation and after having completely destroyed the main street businesses for their own greed. Walmart is a passing fancy; a civil war site is more than worth saving for posterity.

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