WSJ: Let Ford Save Ford

The Wall Street Journal has an eye-opening editorial today calling upon the fabulously wealth Ford Foundation to bail out the struggling Ford Motor Co.:

With the Motor City Meltdown entering its third week as Washington’s leading melodrama, it occurred to us that not all sources of bailout money have been tapped to jack up Detroit. What about the Ford Foundation?

The foundation has an astounding $13 billion in assets. So one might ask: Why doesn’t the Ford Foundation liquidate and transfer the money to the Ford Motor Co.? […]

[…] we’ve glanced at the foundation’s “mission statement,” and it appears to us that Ford Motor would qualify for the ultimate grant to a nonprofit.

The foundation says it supports initiatives “by those working and living closest to where problems are located.” An auto assembly plant qualifies. The foundation promotes “collaboration” between government and business sectors. […]

Since severing from the Fords’ initial vision, the foundation has gotten fat and famous. The moment has arrived for the Ford Foundation to “give back.”

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