Anti-Proposition 8 Blacklist

Without even taking a position on Proposition 8, the voter-approved referendum that banned gay marriage in California last week (by amending the state constitution), it is fair to say that the proposition’s outraged opponents have gone too far.

As reported by the San Francisco CBS affiliate (video here), now there’s a website called that purports to out those who gave money to the ‘yes’ side. Above the list of donors it says:

The following individuals or organizations (according to have donated money to the California Proposition 8 campaign which seeks to ban same sex marriages.  Please do not patronize them.  8 = HATE.  Thanks!

There are principled arguments on both sides of the question. To suggest that support for “8” equals “HATE” is beyond the pale.

The knuckle dragging Tom Matzzie of Accountable America would no doubt approve of the tactic.

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