Drop Dead, Oregon’s Socialized Health System Tells Patients

Oregon’s government health care system recently told two patients it would pay for their assisted suicides but not for treatment.

In the only U.S. state that allows assisted suicides, the Oregon Health Plan told cancer patients Barbara Wagner and Randy Stroup it would pay for physicians to help them kill themselves but would not pay for cancer treatment.

This is what socialized medicine is all about. Rationing is the inevitable consequence of government-run universal health care. If some bureaucrat using government-designed criteria decides you don’t deserve to live, you don’t.

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  1. As an American citizen, it shocks me to know that life no longer has a value if you have a terminal illness. If this health care bill ever passes, look out!
    Let’s hope that we can get better leaders elected in Washington. This is a great country, let’s not throw away our existing health care for another one that has been provin to fail everytime.

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