Cited in Congressional Quarterly

My observation on Barack Obama’s relationship with unrepentant terrorist William Ayers was picked up by CQ Politics on July 7. It was featured in “BEHIND THE LINES: Our Take on the Other Media’s Homeland Security Coverage,” by David C. Morrison. Here’s the paragraph it was included in:

Poly-ticks: “Anyone who thinks that Islamic terrorists might succeed in literally destroying America – ‘our very existence,’ as John McCain says – is either a certifiable paranoiac or a complete fool,” Paul Waldman challenges in The American Prospect. Whatever McCain’s faults, he “is not in the habit of clinking champagne glasses over brie with living, breathing, remorseless terrorist traitors who continue to seethe with hatred for the United States,” NewsBuster‘s Matthew Vadum maintains. “Either Barak Obama publicly divorces himself from radical supporters whose association does more for them than it does for him, or he faces the prospect of [ex-Weatherman] Bill Ayers as his Willie Horton,” Daniel J. Flynn adds in City Journal. “How does one prevent nuclear terrorism by undercutting the state [Russia] whose tons of unsecured fissile material represent the most fertile source for nuclear terrorists?” The New Republic‘s J. Peter Scoblic demands of McCain.

The NewsBusters entry referenced above is here, and was crossposted here on this blog.

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