The Clinton Connection

Today’s Washington Times has a fascinating article by Donald Lambro on Senator Hillary Clinton’s close ties to two hard-driving left-wing nonprofits — the Center for American Progress and Media Matters for America. As Lambro writes, “An extensive political network of advocacy think tanks and bloggers that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and her campaign donors helped create and bankroll is playing a strategic role in her bid for the White House.”

Capital Research Center has profiled both groups. Renowned digger John Gizzi of Human Events fame wrote The Center for American Progress: “Think Tank On Steroids,” (Organization Trends, May 2007) and Rondi Adamson wrote Media Matters for America:Soros-Funded Watchdog Attacks Conservatives (Foundation Watch, July 2007).

Both the Center for American Progress and Media Matters are part of the Democracy Alliance, which James Dellinger and yours truly wrote about in George Soros’s Democracy Alliance: In Search of a Permanent Democratic Majority (Foundation Watch, December 2006).

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