Big Labor

Gov. Walker & the workers vs. the unions

Scott Walter | December 3, 2013

At, I have a piece on Gov. Scott Walker, who has long fought to save people’s jobs, only to…

Uncivil Unions

Scott Walter | November 6, 2012

[cross-posted from] While civil society is great in general, that’s not always true for each group in civil society….

Scott Walker, Union Slayer

CRC Staff | July 3, 2012

Scott Walker, Union Slayer by Matt Patterson from the July 2012 publication of Labor Watch, PDF here)   On January…

Official Time: Government Workers Perform Union Duties on the Taxpayers’ Dime

Vincent Vernuccio | November 1, 2011

By F. Vincent Vernuccio and Trey Kovacs (Labor Watch, November 2011, PDF here) Title V of the U.S. Code allows…

Unions: The New Barbarians

Matt Patterson | October 13, 2011

In the Washington Times today, CRC senior editor Matt Patterson compares modern-day public sector unions with the Visigoth hordes who plundered the Roman Empire in the…

ACORN Abuses Its Workers, Fights Unionization

Matthew Vadum | August 8, 2009

A mountain of paperwork detailing extensive, apparently credible allegations of wage and labor law violations against ACORN was received in…

Communist-Linked Apollo Alliance Dictates to Congress

Matthew Vadum | July 31, 2009

President Obama’s new “green jobs” czar Van Jones, an avowed militant communist, had been on the board of the pressure group Apollo…

New Malkin Book “Culture of Corruption” Spotlights CRC Research

Matthew Vadum | July 29, 2009

In her new book Culture of Corruption: Obama and his team of tax cheats, crooks, and cronies, bestselling author Michelle…

Fascism and Michael Moore’s Dumb Ideas About Government Motors

Matthew Vadum | June 1, 2009

Fascism, or more precisely, Mussolini-style corporatism, continues to advance in America with nary an objection. The planned government takeover of…

ACORN Allies Scheme to Distract from Corruption Allegations

Matthew Vadum | May 27, 2009

  Was this photo taken at Shining Path headquarters? (just kidding) Disgraced ACORN founder Wade Rathke (left) and ACORN enabler…