9/11 Truther Van Jones Likens Himself to Wrong Churchill

Arianna Huffington was kind enough to allow her good friend and former campaign manager Van Jones to post his preliminary reflections on being unceremoniously booted from the Obama administration on the Huffington Post.

It’s the least she could do.

Jones is President Obama’s former green jobs czar. He believes the Bush administration caused the 9/11 terrorist attacks to happen. He also denounced the United States on Sept. 12, 2001 blaming America for the atrocities the day before. He also mourned the deaths of the people killed in the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center but only the ones who were working class.

In what will no doubt find its way into the memoirs he might be contemplating writing, Jones compares himself to Winston Churchill, which is odd for many reasons but especially because of the apparent contempt that President Obama holds for the late great British prime minister.

With all the modesty one has come to expect from a community organizer, Jones writes

Of course, some supporters actually think I will be more effective on the “outside.” Maybe so. But those ideas always remind me of that old canard about Winston Churchill. After he lost a hard-fought election, a friend told him: “Winston, this really is just a blessing in disguise.” Churchill quipped: “Damned good disguise.” I can certainly relate to that sentiment right now. :)

He likens himself to the wrong Churchill. Van Jones is more like Ward Churchill.

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Vadum’s Washington Times Op-Ed: The Green-washing of Sept. 11

I have an op-ed in the Washington Times today about the Obama administration’s attempt to turn Sept. 11 into a day of organic vegetables and radical community organizing.

A predictable diss from the Village Voice.

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Greens Already Calling Van Jones’s Ouster A Lynching

Van Jones has become the Ward Churchill of the environmentalist movement yet green activists keep defending this hateful anti-American communist.

David Horowitz notes that environmentalists are already arguing that communist 9/11 “truther” Van Jones’s resignation over the weekend as President Obama’s green jobs czar was a lynching.

Carl Pope of the Sierra Club (an admirer of Jones) wrote a weepy op-ed saying he wished he’d done more to defend his lunatic friend and ally.

…on Saturday night, Van resigned, and this morning I was sick at heart. Collectively we — the environmental community, progressives, and the Obama administration — blew this, and we let our cause, our president, and Van Jones down.

This was a lynch mob and, when it started forming a month ago, we didn’t take it seriously enough. When I saw the first Glenn Beck piece on Van Jones and the Apollo Alliance as the new vast left-wing conspiracy, I could not take it seriously. Silence enabled Fox to keep pushing. […]

Oh, poor Van Jones. If only he’d been able to cover up the fact he’s an America-hating communist who thinks President Bush killed 3,000 people on 9/11 for political advantage, this never would have happened. Boo hoo hoo.

Jones’s fellow traveler David Sirota, a scumbag who calls Republicans racists for trying to force the dangerous, deranged Jones out of his administration position, is himself a longtime practitioner of hate speech. Sirota lies and lies and lies about Van Jones on this CNN clip:

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Matthew Vadum Talks about the Greenwashing of 9/11 with G. Gordon Liddy

I was on the “G. Gordon Liddy Show” on Sept. 3, 2009 to discuss President Obama’s plan to turn the upcoming Sept. 11 National Day of Service and Remembrance into a day of leftist propaganda.

Unfortunately, the story that green jobs czar Van Jones is a 9/11 “truther” broke after my segment on the show.

Listen to a podcast of the show here.

I wrote about the Obama administration’s push to use 9/11 for political purposes in an article called “Obama’s Plan To Desecrate 9/11,” which ran in the American Spectator.

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9/11 Truther Van Jones Was Arianna Huffington’s Political Director

Arianna Huffington’s liberal gossip site the Huffington Post has been vigorously defending green jobs czar and 9/11 “truther” Van Jones.

It turns out that Jones was Huffington’s grassroots political director when she ran for governor in the 2003 recall election. In fact, Jones, a self-described “communist,” thought Huffington was so wonderful he was part of the effort to draft her to run for office.

San Francisco Chronicle article from Sept. 5, 2003 described Jones as Huffington’s “grassroots director.”

A Miami Herald article from Aug. 3, 2003, described Jones as a “Bay Area activist” and “director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights” who was “[l]eading the charge” to persuade Huffington to run.

“Jones and the fledgling campaign have unveiled a Web site – www.RunAriannaRun.com – to generate enthusiasm,” the article said. Jones sent out an email the previous month to activists soliciting support for a Huffington candidacy.

“She’s anti-drug war, tough on corporate crime, anti-war, anti-Bush, pro-environment, pro-electoral reform – and smart as hell,” Jones was quoted as writing in the email. “If anybody could pull this off, it would be Arianna.”

One would think the Huffington Post would disclose how tight Jones and Huffington are, yet the website doesn’t bother to do so in its articles.

Whatever happened to ethics in journalism? Oh wait, I forgot: the Huffington Post isn’t journalism.

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9/11 Truther Van Jones: George Bush Hates Black People

After the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina and the Bush adminstration’s widely criticized response to it, green jobs czar and 9/11 “truther” Van Jones channelled Kanye West.

In a Sept. 1, 2005 Huffington Post op-ed, “Bush’s Role in the Drowning of New Orleans,” Jones wrote:

Don’t say that a hurricane destroyed New Orleans. Hurricanes don’t drown cities.

It was a “perfect storm” of a different kind that put that great city underwater: Bush-era neglect of our national infrastructure, combined with runaway global warming and a deep contempt for poor African-Americans. […] [emphasis added]

Now, if you think I’m wrong to interpret the Jones statement above that way, then the only other interpretation is worse: It’s that in his opinion America hates (poor) black people.

If Jones meant the latter, that would be consistent with his communist beliefs.

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Thomas Friedman Loves Van Jones: Liberals Live Vicariously Through Communists

Seton Motley quotes me at NewsBusters saying, “liberals live vicariously through communists.”

Indeed they do.

A case in point is New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman’s love letter to President Obama’s communist green jobs czar Van Jones who has been revealed to be a 9/11 “truther” who believes President George W. Bush was behind the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Seton’s blog post on Friedman and Jones at NewsBusters is worth reading.

Meanwhile, that mountain of concentrated left-wing rabidly anti-American hatred known as Van Jones is apparently still on the payroll of the United States government.

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Van Jones Thinks 9/11 Was A Republican Campaign Ad

Truthers are stranger than fiction.

I’ve been reporting for a while about what a radical whackjob President Obama’s green jobs czar Van Jones is –not was, is— and then out of the blue we learn Jones thinks President Bush orchestrated the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.


Note: The linked Fox News article above is incorrect. It states:

“Jones has mellowed considerably since the ’90s. In some respects, he is about as mainstream as environmentalists come — with recognition streaming in from high places over the past few years.”

That is categorically false. He has not mellowed. He has changed his public image. That’s all. That’s what radical community organizers like Van Jones do.

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