Sharpton Annual Conference Again Heavily Corporate-Funded

Carl Horowitz of the National Legal and Policy Center has an interesting article about all the  myopic major corporations that sponsored the recent convention of National Action Network.  The group is headed by the truly awful charlatan and race huckster Al Sharpton. It begins this way: Whatever else might be said of Reverend Al Sharpton, when he throws a party, he does it in style. The 14th annual conference of his New York-based nonprofit National Action Network (NAN) last month in Washington, D.C. during April 11-14 was no exception. Once more, corporations and to a lesser extent unions paid most of the tab for a well-choreographed event that featured dozens of speakers and panelists eager to affirm the aggressive black identity politics of their host. The plenary address by Attorney General Eric Holder, followed by a panel on legal issues, amounted to a group manifesto for the arrest of George Zimmerman for the highly-publicized killing - evidence points toward self-defense - of a black Florida teen, Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman, to the delight of virtually all attendees, was arrested that day on a state second-degree murder charge. Read More

Soros Election-Rigging Project Dies? The mysterious disappearance of the Secretary of State Project.

I have a piece in the American Spectator: Soros Election-Rigging Project Dies? The mysterious disappearance of the Secretary of State Project. Here is how it begins: Soros Election-Rigging Project Dies? By Matthew Vadum The mysterious disappearance of the Secretary of State Project. Whatever happened to the left-wing Secretary of State… Read More

AFP ad highlights wasteful “green energy” spending

Americans for Prosperity unveiled a new “Wasteful Spending” ad taking the Obama administration to task for wasting taxpayer money. The ad states that billions of stimulus dollars have been doled out to foreign companies.  Money has gone to so-called green energy projects outside the U.S.   The ad (which may… Read More

John McCain, the 2008 Election, and Civil Unrest

J. Christian Adams reports that the McCain campaign refused to act on credible reports of voter fraud in order to spare the country civil unrest. Wow.    … Read More


Journalists Brandon Darby and Lee Stranahan started their own online radio show. It’s called Darby/Stranahan and it airs weekdays from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. Eastern time. Darby is the former radical community organizer who helped undermine an anarchist plot to attack the… Read More

“If I wanted America to fail”

A spinoff of Americans for Limited Government called Free Market America has created a wonderful new video that sums up all the ways that the Left is sabotaging America. This powerful video is called “If I wanted America to fail.” It shows how the Left has been pushing an… Read More

No joke: Fox News sponsored Al Sharpton’s convention!

Strange but true: Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. was an official sponsor of the National Action Network’s annual convention here in Washington, D.C., from April 11 through 14. NAN is the radical Alinskyite pressure group headed by race hustler Al Sharpton. A full-page ad from News Corp. appears in the glossy,… Read More

Town Hall on Terror

Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and the David Horowitz Freedom Center are sponsoring an upcoming “Town Hall on Terror,” the first in a series of Town Hall meetings in the Los Angeles, California area. Here’s the tagline for the May 1 event: In its own words, the Muslim Brotherhood is… Read More

Federal Tax Dollars Indirectly Fund Organization Leading Assault on ALEC

Joel Griffith has an item in Red State this morning that’s worth looking at. He writes that the Center for Media and Democracy is leading the charge against the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), an organization” dedicated to advancing limited government, free markets, federalism, and individual liberty.”  The Center… Read More

New Fred Lucas book: The Right Frequency

Fred Lucas, a frequent Capital Research Center contributor, has a new History Publishing Company book coming out soon on the history of conservative talk radio. Talk radio giant Mark Levin says “Anyone who loves talk radio will love” The Right Frequency: The Talk… Read More