The Week’s Worst Episode 6: Trump “Leaks,” Protesting Inauguration, and Who Represents the 1%.

It’s podcast time again… The Capital Research Center’s Dr. Steven J. Allen and Matthew Vadum count down the worst stories in government and politics from the past week. Allen and Vadum give their unique, hard-hitting, investigative analysis of these stories to tell you the truth amid the media’s distortions. In… Read More

OUR SCOOP ON FOX NEWS: Trump Inauguration disrupters admit to planning ‘dance party’ on Mike Pence’s lawn

The radical political operatives aspiring to disrupt Donald Trump’s inauguration next week are planning to throw a “dance party” on the lawn of Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s temporary home in Washington, D.C., Fox News reports. Confirmation of the upcoming event came in the form of audio recorded by Trevor… Read More

School choice in light of Betsy DeVos’ confirmation

This article was originally posted at Philanthropy Daily. In one of his more surprising moves, president-elect Trump has nominated philanthropist Betsy DeVos to be education secretary. Of course, on the left, many are trying to outdo each other to see who can breathe the heaviest and sound the… Read More

The Week’s Worst Episode 5: BLM Kidnapping, Hollywood, and Hacking

Dr. Steven J. Allen & Matthew Vadum explain the truth about the past week’s (1/6/17) worst news stories in a brand new episode of CRC’s podcast The Week’s Worst. BLM kidnapping, Hollywood, hacking were among the topics discussed this week. Listen Here! Subscribe on iTunes,… Read More

The Rockefellers’ war against oil and gas

This article was originally posted at Philanthropy Daily. It’s usually the case that no one knows who the great-grandchildren of a great philanthropist are. I know, for example, that there are people in their thirties named John D. Rockefeller V and Henry Ford III, but that’s the extent… Read More

Donald J. Trump Foundation will soon dissolve

President-elect Donald J. Trump announced he plans to dissolve his eponymous 501(c)(3) charity before he takes the oath of office on January 20 in order to avoid potential conflicts of interest. Although the charitable organization has done “enormous good works over the years in contributing millions of dollars to… Read More

For those with voicelessness, the gift of voice

This article was originally posted at Philanthropy Daily. People who hear Stephen Hawking speak usually ask why his synthetic voice sounds American, even though he is British. I suspect the answer was that was the technology available when Hawking could no longer speak and that he is comfortable with… Read More

Hillary Clinton’s big donors want to know what really happened

Donors to Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign are demanding a “dispassionate, centralized analysis” of how Clinton so badly misread polling data and the mood in battleground states, writes Emily Zanotti at Heat Street. Unless Clinton’s own campaign strategy was attacked by Russian hackers, forcing her to misfire on messaging… Read More

Flashback: Bill Clinton gave China missile technology

With all this talk of Russians allegedly interfering in U.S. elections, it is worth recalling that it wasn’t too long ago that the previous Democrat in the White House betrayed America by working hand in hand with our Communist enemies in mainland China. As president, Bill Clinton essentially wiped out… Read More

“Certificates of public convenience” protect the powerful, not the public

This article was originally posted at Philanthropy Daily. Now that the election is over, it’s clear that one reason for Donald Trump’s victory was that a great many Americans have been out of work for a long time and want to re-enter the labor force. We can have… Read More